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15 Million Household To Receive Cash Funds This October

Betta Edu, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, announced that the Federal Government is set to launch a conditional cash transfer program for 15 million households on October 17, 2023.

Edu made this announcement during an interview on Channels Television. This initiative follows the recent cessation of petroleum subsidies by the government.

She explained, "Pending approval from the President, which we expect to receive this week, we will officially inaugurate the conditional cash transfer program on October 17th, benefiting 15 million households across Nigeria."

Edu emphasized that her ministry is collaborating with stakeholders nationwide to establish a reliable list of eligible recipients.

She stated, "We are currently conducting a verification process, and in every state, we have personnel working closely with the state's cash transfer office, along with the governors who lead the steering committee, and various others."

"All of these efforts are aimed at ensuring that individuals listed in the national social register are genuinely Nigerian citizens living below the $1.95 per day threshold, deserving of this support," she added.

Edu also acknowledged the need to update the register, as some individuals on it may have passed away or experienced improvements in their economic situations.

She remarked, "Our ongoing fieldwork involves data cleanup and comprehensive verification. We are cross-referencing information, including BVN and NIM, to confirm the authenticity of these individuals."

"Additionally, we are incorporating biometric data, capturing the head of each household, along with a photograph to facilitate their identification. Each household is assigned a unique number for easy verification against the register," she concluded.

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