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11 Americans Confirmed Dead In Israel-Palestine War

Eleven American lives were tragically lost amid the violence between Hamas and Israel, as confirmed by President Joe Biden.

On the third day of a shocking surprise attack by Palestinian militants in Israel, President Biden delivered a solemn statement, describing it as an "appalling terrorist assault against Israel."

Expressing concern that American citizens might be held as prisoners by Hamas, Biden assured active collaboration with Israel to address this hostage crisis.

"This is not some distant tragedy," the president emphasized, stating, "The ties between Israel and the United States run deep. It is personal for so many American families who are feeling the pain of this attack."

Details regarding the identities of the deceased Americans were not immediately released. It remained unclear if any of them were from New York, which has a substantial Jewish population.

Various political figures, including Meng and Schumer, called for assistance in returning American citizens from Israel, expressing outrage at the brutality of the attack. Congressman Dan Goldman, who was in Israel during the conflict, sought shelter from Hamas rocket fire before returning to New York City.

President Biden underscored the safety of American citizens as his top priority, directing his team to collaborate with Israeli counterparts on all aspects of the hostage crisis, including intelligence sharing and deploying experts for hostage recovery efforts.


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